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About us

      UtmoLight Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as UtmoLight) is the world's leading perovskite photoelectric industrialization technology development company. Before spin-off, UtmoLight is the solar business unit of SVOLT Energy Technology Co., Ltd. of Great Wall holdings. UtmoLight has started research work on perovskite photoelectric technology as early as 2018. In April 2020, it spun out as UtmoLight Technology Co., Ltd and headquartered in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province. UtmoLight is committed to the industrialization technology development of solar cells and modules, light-emitting quantum dots and precursor materials which are all based on “perovskite”-wonder material which has many special physics properties.

      With the focus on the development of perovskite semiconductor materials and devices, UtmoLight has employed the world-famous perovskite scientist Mohammad Khaja Nazeeruddin as the chief scientist and established a R&D team consisted of excellent talents from top universities at home and abroad. In our team, more than 70% of them have master's degree or above.

      In UtmoLight, a cleanroom laboratory with an area of more than 1000m² has been built with comprehensive facilities. Its functions cover the research and development of perovskite solar cells and modules, perovskite quantum dots and thin films, and the synthesis of perovskite raw materials. At the same time, pilot production lines are also under construction in an area of more than 5000m². In UtmoLight, the efficiency of perovskite solar cells and modules has reached 22.7% @ 1cm² and 19.41% @ 10cm * 10cm, respectively, which makes UtmoLight a leading company in perovskite photovoltaic field. At the same time, UtmoLight also has the ability to synthesize dozens of perovskite precursor materials, the synthesis of full visible spectrum perovskite quantum dots, and the development of perovskite QDs enhanced filter film.